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Discografia Completa De Quelentaro ===> DOWNLOAD

Discografia Completa De Quelentaro ===> DOWNLOAD

discografia completa de quelentaro Category:1988 births Category:Living people Category:People from QuelentarQ: How do I check if an object is null? Possible Duplicate: When to use a null object in c# How can I check if an object is null? I want to use it as the default value. var myvar = GetMyObject(); I want to check if myvar is null and assign a default value if it is. A: If you're using C# 6, you can use a null-conditional operator: var myvar = GetMyObject()?? default(Foo); This will compile to if (myvar!= null) { myvar.DoSomething(); } A: you can use Null-conditional operator?. in this way: myvar?.DoSomething(); This expression will return null if the myvar is null. A: var myvar = GetMyObject(); if(myvar!= null) { myvar.DoSomething(); } else { //myvar is null } Or if you want to avoid using the null conditional operator you can do this instead: var myvar = GetMyObject(); myvar.DoSomething(); if(myvar!= null) { //myvar is not null } Q: How to use.env file in Laravel 5? In Laravel 5.1, we can configure the database connection in the.env file. Is there any way to configure the database connection in the.env file in Laravel 5? A: No, you cannot use.env file in Laravel 5. In the Laravel documentation, it says If you are using any of the default applications that are included with Laravel, you can omit the.env extension and just place the variables in the.env.example file. A: If you want to use.env in Laravel 5 then you have to configure.env.example file in config/app.php. $app->configure('.env.example'); It will replace your.env


Discografia Completa De Quelentaro

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